Female pre-conception care

Female pre-conception care is important in preparation for pregnancy:

Talk to her doctor about the prescription medicines she currently takes:

  • Some prescription drugs are not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals at work & in the home:
  • Pesticides, chemical fertilisers and petrochemicals can lead to pregnancy complications.

Sleep well & exercise:

Adequate sleep and exercise are essential for general health, which supports reproductive health.

Ensure adequate nutrition:

A healthy diet is essential for general health, which supports reproductive health.
Couples planning pregnancy may be interested to know that Elevit is a specifically formulated supplement available for women planning pregnancy. Elevit should be taken 30 days prior to conception and throughout pregnancy to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

Maintain a healthy weight:

Women should ensure their body mass index is below 29 kg/m2 (and above 19 kg/m2) to maximise their chances of conceiving.

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Avoid alcohol & tobacco:

Smoking/passive smoking and alcohol are proven to harm pregnancy.

  • Have regular sex at the right time:
  • Women can learn to keep track of their menstrual cycle and know when they are ovulating. Talk to your doctor about tracking ovulation.

Talk to her doctor about vaccinations:

  • Depending on personal situations a doctor may recommend certain vaccinations prior to pregnancy.
  • Take time to relax and avoid stress: Stress can affect a couple’s relationship and is likely to reduce libido and how often they have sex.

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