Male Infertility – It’s a guy thing?

When the word fertility is mentioned, few people think of male fertility. Many assume it is the woman’s “fault.” But 40 percent of infertility causes are attributed to the man (called male factor). That’s why it’s important for all “fathers to be” to learn more about male fertility and get their reproductive system checked by a doctor—just to make sure all the parts are working as they should.

Infertility websites, blogs, and even reality television shows make it seem as though the infertility community is made up entirely of women. It’s not. Male infertility causes a third to half of all infertility problems. While infertility brings pain and sorrow like few other life experiences, remember that most couples do eventually conceive. Those that don’t may choose to adopt or find peace with childfree living.

At some point, your infertility journey will come to an end. When that time comes, you will have hopefully maintained a strong, healthy relationship. Let your partner know how much, and how often, you want to share your infertility story with others. Let her know if you prefer to keep it private, between the two of you and your fertility doctors only. Compromise, set limits, and agree on the time, energy, and financial commitments you make for this infertility journey. If you get stuck, infertility support can help you both get through.

Think about it. How often has your partner received an invasive physical exam? Coping with infertility tests and treatments may come easier for you. After all, if you’ve been following reproductive health guidelines, you’ve been poked, prodded, and examined by doctors annually. From a young age, you’ve probably discussed bodily changes and health issues freely with other females. Guys, on the other hand, are less likely to share (and often less comfortable discussing) details about their sexuality and health problems. Don’t let this fool you. Your partner is also experiencing a range of emotions when it comes to male infertility.

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