Research Evidence

Research evidence shows the effects of Prelox®  on semen.





* Taking the equivalent of two Prelox capsules a day for 1 month.

Selection Criteria

  • Testicular maldescent
  • Varicocele
  • Orchitis
  • Globozoospermia
  • Infections
  • Hypospadias
  • Severe medical conditions
  • Endocrine hypogonadism

 Study Design

  • DOUBLE BLIND – neither the patient or investigators know the allocation
  • PLACEBO CONTROLLED – the data was compared to taking a placebo tablet to assess the placebo effect
  • CROSS-OVER STUDY – both groups had a chance taking the PRELOX and the placebo in succession.

Prelox Study Design

Patient overview in the study

  • Average age 36
  • 100% compliance with study medication
  • BMI: 26
  • Mean fertility index (at start of the study) 0.53
  • Normogonadotropic
  • Diagnosed as idiopathic infertile


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